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The KnockOffDuino Uno is functionally the same as the Arduino Uno R3 at a fraction of the cost. 100% Uno compatible, however it uses the CH340G usb to serial chip instead of the 16u2/8u2 found in the official Arduino Uno R2/R3 so you will need some different drivers. This Arduino includes a 50cm USB-A to USB-B cable.

Fully Arduino™-UNO Compatible • ATMega328P Microcontroller o Program Memory: 32KB(2KB used by bootloader) o EEPROM: 512 bytes o SRAM: 2KB o Speed: 16MHz • ATMega16u2 USB-Serial Chipset • IO: o Digital IO: 14 pins (6 are configurable as Digital or PWM) o PWM Capable: 6 pins o Analog Inputs: 6 pins o Serial Ports: 1 (more supported via SoftwareSerial library) • Input voltage: o 5VDC Regulated via USB port or 5V pin o 7-14VDC via Vin pin o On-board regulator supplies 5V when unit is powered via Vin pin • USB cable included • Dimensions: 75(W) x 53(L) x 13(H)mm

Drivers for windows:

Drivers for OSX:

Install guide for OSX El Capitan and later: